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Style Muse: Miss Fisher (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries)

EN Summary: Today I want to share a character that has caused a great impact on me style-wise: the Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher (a free spirit and private detective in the 20's) masterfully interpreted by actress Essie Davies. The style of this character has blown me away. Keep reading to see a compilation of Pinterest gathered photos of Mish Fisher's outfits. Enjoy! --- PT Sumário: Hoje quero partilhar uma personagem que me causou um grande impacto em termos de inspiração e estilo: A Honorável Miss Pryne Fisher (um espírito livre e detetive privada nos anos 20), magistralmente interpretada pela atriz Essie Davies. O estilo desta personagem absorveu-me completamente. Continuem a ler para uma seleção de fotos dos looks da Miss Fisher, retiradas do Pinterest. Espero que gostem!

Tutorial Index (English)

This is a work in progress index; please note that in the older posts English text is yellow; the recent posts have a checkbox to select English text (the default is Portuguese).

Armholes: Armhole finishing on a sleeveless dress (Paz Torres dress)

Bias tubes: Bias tubes for the red organza blouse (embelishment)
Binding technique: How to sew a narrow French Bias Facing
Binding technique: How to sew a narrow inner facing with single fold bias tape
Binding: How to apply Hug Snug seam-binding on stretchy fabrics
Buttonholes: Bound topstitched buttonholes
Buttonholes: Bound buttonholes, another method
Buttonholes: Bound buttonholes on the black velvet coat
Buttonholes: Hand sewn (Orange tweed jacket)

Chanel jackets: The little black jacket series (final post with links to all the tutorials)
Chanel jackets: The Couture Denim Jacket (final review with links to all the tutorials)
Collar: attaching the collar (Burberry inspired coat)
Collar: collar construction (Burberry inspired coat)
Collars: Collar band (Simplicity jacket)
Collars: Inserting the collar between the facing and the outer shell (Burda cape)
Collars: Shirt collar and facings (Red organza blouse)
Collars: Collar, lapels and facings (Orwell Coat) - Part 1
Collars: Collar, lapels and facings (Orwell coat) - Part 2
Collars: Collar with stand (Paz Torres dress)
Collars: Jacket's standing collar
Collars: Tie collar on a blouse (purple Burda blouse)
Couture: Reducing bulk (Chado Ralph Rucci dress)
Covered snaps: covering snaps with lining
Cutting layouts: (Burda - Orwell coat)

Darts: Sewing darts on a dress (Burda pencil dress)
Darts: Single thread darts (Red organza blouse)

Embelishments: Organza Swirls (Red organza blouse)
Embelishments: Bullion stitch (Chado Ralph Rucci dress)

Fabrics: Sewing with silk organza (Red organza blouse)
Fabrics: Pre-treating wool crepe
Fabrics: Velvet-like faux fur (Leopard coat)
Fabrics: Sewing with velvet (Black velvet coat)
Fabrics: Sewing with faux fur (fur jacket and snood)
Facings: coat's facings (Burberry inspired coat)
Facings: Neckline and shoulder facings (Paul Smith dress)
Facings: Dress all-in-one shoulder facing (Burda pencil dress) - Part 1
Facings: Dress all-in-one shoulder facing (Burda pencil dress) - Part 2
Facings: Finishing the facing with the zipper (Burda pencil dress)
Fitting: Fitting sleeves (Black velvet coat)
Fitting: The black velvet coat muslin
Fitting: The test garment for the Unrath&Strano suit - Part 1
Fitting: The test garment for the Unrath&Strano suit - Part 2
Fitting: The muslin and the 1st fit (Burda pencil dress)

Hems: taped hem (Black velvet coat)
Hems: Hemming with lace trim (Burda pencil dress)
Hems: How to hem an A-line skirt
Hems: A method for finishing the hem/facing intersection on an unlined coat

Interfacings: Back reinforcements (Burberry inspired coat)
Interfacings: Front reinforcements (Burberry Inspired coat)
Interfacings: Drafting the front shield pattern for a jacket or a coat (Burberry inspired coat)
Interfacings: Fusible tape with chainstitch (green boucle coat)
Interfacing: Interfacing faux fur (Fur jacket and snood)
Interfacing: fusing thin knit interfacing to lightweight fabrics (Floral jumpsuit)
Interfacings: Testing (Unrath&Strano suit)
Interfacings: Fusing (Unrath$Strano) - Part 1
Interfacings: Fusing (Unrath&Strano suit) - Part 2
Interfacings: Interfacing a coat (Orwell coat)
Interfacings: Inner structure (White military style coat)

Lining: the facing/hem/lining junction corner (Burberry inspired coat)
Lining: preparing the pattern for making the perfect facing/hem/lining junction corner (Burberry inspired coat)
Lining: Notes on the hem/lining/facing junction on the lower corner of a coat or jacket (Burberry inspired coat)
Linning: Bagging a lining (Celine inspired jacket)
Lining: Setting in the lining sleeve by hand (Black velvet coat)
Linings: Full lining on trousers (pinstriped trousers)
Linings: How to sew a lining on a vest (Burda cape)
Linings: Lining pattern for a coat (Orwell coat)
Linings: Cutting the lining for a dress with facings (Burda pencil dress)
Linings: Sewing the lining (Orwell coat)
Linings: How to line a knit dress bodice (Margaritas Dress)
Linings: Underlining pant's front from waist to below the knee

Muslin: Tracing and cutting (Burda pencil dress)

Patternmaking: Japanese pattern books
Piping: Piping (Orwell coat)
Pockets: Patch pockets with corner pleats and flaps (Burda trenchcoat)
Pockets: Side-front slanted pockets (pinstriped pants)
Pockets: topstitched in-seam pockets
Pockets: Welt pockets with flaps (Orwell coat)
Pockets: Single welt pockets (Burda cape)
Pockets: Slanted pockets with flaps (Excorpion Capri pants)
Pockets: In-seam pockets (Black velvet coat)
Pockets: lined patch pockets (Blue Orchid coat)
Pressing: Pressing as you go

Seams: Pleather bound seams (Grey cloak)
Seams: Reinforcing with clear elastic
Seams: Back crotch seam
Seams: Binding armhole seams on a shirt (Red organza blouse)
Seams: French seams (red organza blouse)
Seams: Princess seams
Seams: Topstitched seams (Paz Torres dress)
Serger: My sewing machine (the old one) and serger, books about serging
Sewing machine and serger: taking good care of your machines
Sewing Machine: buying a new sewing machine
Shirring: Elastic shirring on the waist (Floral jumpsuit)
Shoulder pads: custom made for the Unrath&Strano jacket
Shoulder pads: tailoring shoulder pads
Sleeves: setting in the sleeves (Burberry inspired coat)
Sleeves: Setting in the sleeves on a coat (Orwell coat)
Sleeves: Puffed sleeves with tucks (Burda shirt)

Tailoring: The Burberry Inspired coat series
Tailoring: The great Coat Sew-along series
Tailoring: Jacket's inner structure (Burda plaid jacket)
Tailoring: Reference books - Part 1
Tailoring: Reference books - Part 2
Tailoring: Shoulder pads
Tailoring: The vintage Christian Dior coat series
Tailoring: The Unrath&Strano suit series
Tailoring: Orwell coat series
Tailoring: Tailoring Methods by Paco Peralta
Threads: Sewing threads
Tailoring: Soft tailoring (Blue Orchid coat)
Thread tracing: tutorial - Part 1
Thread tracing: tutorial - Part 2
Thread tracing: tutorial - Part 3
Thread tracing: The Burda trenchcoat
Tracing: Tracing in-between Patrones patterns
Tracing: Adding seam allowances to patterns without SAs

Underlining: underlining front of trousers to minimize wrinkles (Black city shorts)
Underlining: underlining pants front from waist to below the knee (Prince of Wales pants)
Underlining: underlining a dress with fusible interfacing (Burda pencil dress)
Underlining: Underlining with lining fabric (Burda trenchcoat)
Underlining: Underlining with cotton organza

Waistbands: Shaped waistband with belt loops (pinstriped trousers)

Zippers: Sleeve vent with exposed zipper (Burberry inspired coat)
Zippers: Exposed with outer facing (Yellow dress)
Zippers: Fly front zipper - Part 1
Zippers: Fly front zipper - Part 2
Zippers: Invisible zipper on a dress (Burda pencil dress)

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